Certified Seed



  Type: Grain or Dual Crop (grain and fiber) :

  • Height: 6-7 feet
  • Vegetation period:  110  days
  • THC content:  >0.03%
  • Diecious

Crop potential:

  • Straw: 2,500 lbs per acre (when growing for grain);
  • grain:  800– 1,500 lbs per acre. 

Grain Quality Indicators:

  • Large Grain Size
  • Superb Shatter Resistance
  • Sweet Nutty Flavor

Need Certified Planting Seed?

Legacy Hemp, LLC works with industrial quantities of seed. We have ability to supply your need for thousands of acres of high grade grain and fiber cultivars of industrial hemp including food-grade and construction standards.

Note we are not interested in selling sample sizes of our certified planting seed. We have the team of consultants, agronomists, and expert hemp producers that will make your fields as successful as possible. 

Please contact us directly through the portal below for sales, pricing, and questions regarding our hemp seed varieties. 

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