Apply for a production Contract for the 2020 seaon

Seeking Talented Farmers!

Apply to grow with Legacy Hemp!

Industrial hemp is here to stay in the United States. Its popularity is only increasing domestically and around the world as products derived from the hemp grain and fiber continue to be developed. 

Legacy Hemp, LLC offers industrial hemp genetics which are dual-use crops. That means you can profit on the harvest of the grain alone, then harvest for the fiber and of the plant later or till it back under for fertility. That's icing on the cake and extra money in your pocket.

Farmers contracted with Legacy Hemp Ingredients, LLC will enjoy and recieve consulting from our team of agronomists, production managers, and expert farmers to allow your hemp crop to not only succeed, but prosper for years to come. If your a farmer with a passion for agriculture, apply now!

The Most Successful Hemp Farming Applicants will:

  • Be willing and able to plant more than 100  acres of hemp. We request at least 50 acres. 
  • Have access to their own, drying and storage or be able to transport grain to one of our cleaning and processing centers.
  • Have experience with a variety of crops
  • Possess or have access to standard grain drill for planting and a combine (draper header preferred
  • Understand the necessity of correct planting and harvest procedures (i.e. planting depth, etc.)
  • Be willing to plant more than a "test" amount of acreage
  • Be able to produce food-grade grain for the conventional and/or organic food markets
  • Qualify for your State Department of Agriculture or USDA Hemp license
  • Be willing to ask questions or look for clarification on procedures

If you do not meet all of these bullet points, please still apply; we still may be able to work with you.

Before you apply:

It is important to note the distinction between the three varieties of hemp before sowing any seeds. This application is for farmers interested in growing hemp for grain and fiber only, not CBD

There is a lot of miscommunication within the hemp industry, many people assume CBD is found in hemp oil which is derived from the harvest hempseed which we refer to as the grain. However, CBD is NOT found in significant amounts in the grain, CBD comes from the flower material before the buds develop any grain, but only in significcant quantities from varieties of hemp that produce high concentrations of CBD. 

Hempseed oil comes from the grain, so it does NOT contain marketable CBD concentrations unless the CBD was added to the oil. This application is for farmers that wish to grow food-grade grain and fiber varieties of hemp.

For more information on the different varieties of hemp, visit our hemp varieties page here.

Accepted Farmers will:

  1. Receive Contracted-Production with yield estimates as well as price-point breakdown for your entire hemp harvest
  2. A secure buyer of Food-grade grain , prior to harvest.
  3. Have access to consulting as needed from with our lead Hemp Agronomist and other hemp crop experts
  4. Recieve our 30-page, step-by-step production guide on how to utilize your land for the best of its ability for industrial hemp grain production