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Sellers of Hemp Materials

Filling out the following form will provide us information about your hemp crop and raw hemp products you have for sale. These products include food-grade hemp grain, non-food-grade hemp grain, baled hemp stalk, hemp oil, flower material (including biomass), hurd only, bast only, extracted CBD and cannabinoids, certified hemp planting seed, and hemp roots.

It's important to know your market before planting, but if you have hemp that you are selling that was produced outside of a contract, we may be able to buy it or connect it to the market through our list of contacts.

Filling out this form does not guarantee immediate sale of your hemp, but your provided information will be used to connect your products to our market channels.

We will contact you directly via email or phone if we require more information about your hemp product for sale, or if we are interested in buying or connecting you to a buyer. 

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Please have information ready related to your hemp crop or hemp product for sale.  This may include

  • Origin and description of Hemp Product
  • Location of Product
  • Seller Contact information
  • Desired sale Price
  • Documentation that provides evidence of the existence or the testing associated to the product