Trump signed the Federal Farm Bill! Hemp is now federally legal! Get your seed here!

To our valued Customers

We Process Naturally Grown Hemp Grain

We provide X-59 grain in the form of whole hemp grain or processed into dehulled hemp grain, protein powder, fiber powder, and oil to be used in your products and brand. Simply contact us with the anticipated volume details required and we will handle the rest. With a production contract in hand, we will contract the farmers to produce your grain. 

Organic and Conventional Grain Processing

At it's completion, our Prescott, Wisconsin processing facility will process both certified organic and conventional hemp grain. The facility will adhere to the Standards for Food Quality and Safety as described by the USDA National Organic Program. Our X-59 hemp grain is NON-GMO and is dairy, nut, and gluten free.

Centrally Located in the Midwest

The hemp grain processing facility will be centrally located in the Midwest under. This facility will allow our farmers of grain to get product from field to pallet as quickly as it is processed. 

More than Just a Grain to Come

Hemp grain is a natural superfood with a huge market in the health foods industry, but there is so much potential than just the grain. In 1938, Popular Mechanics released an issue outlining 25,000 potential hemp based products. With the potential for industrial hemp ever growing, you can be sure Legacy Hemp, LLC will be on the front end to make sure the legacy of industrial hemp is kept intact. 

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