Hemp Grain Food Product Booklet

This PDF contains a brief overview of the hemp grain products we sell. Click to view or Download.

GrainProductSalesBooklet (pdf)


Hemp Grain DERIVED Food Products

Certified Seed

X-59 (certified seed)



  • Height: 6-7 feet
  • Vegetation period:  110  days
  • THC content:  averages <0.03%
  • Diecious
  • Grain/Fiber Cultivar (Dual-yield)

Crop potential:

  • Straw: 2,500 lbs per acre (when growing for grain production)
  • Grain:  800– 1,500 lbs average per acre.  (up to over 2,000 lb per acre the most productive soils)

Grain Quality Indicators:

  • Large Grain Size
  • Superb Shatter Resistance
  • Sweet Nutty Flavor

Production Considerations

  • Seeding Rate (Grain Production) - 30 lb per acre
  • Seeding Rate (Fiber Production) - 60 lb per acre
  • Minimum Advertised Price - $4 per pound
  • Minimum Order size - 50 lb bags, 1650 lb totes, 44,000 lb hopper trucks

*Dealer Pricing Avaailable for Qualified Dealers, contact directly for options*