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Finder's Program

“Connecting the dots of the hemp industry all across the United States"

Legacy Hemp’s mission is to provide the infrastructure to bring hemp into new, established, and developing markets. It is our legacy, as Legacy Hemp, to pave the way for the American industry. Cannabis sativa has a variety of uses, many of which Legacy Hemp already has it’s hands in, but we do not directly handle all sides of the industry ourselves (yet), so we’ve developed this  service.  Sellers can put their hemp up for sale FOR FREE! Buyers of hemp products pay a one-time-only finder's fee. At the end of the day buyers found a new supply and sellers connect their hemp harvest directly to the market!

Everyone wins!


1. Buyer and Seller of Hemp Fill out this form. This service is FREE to all sellers of hemp.

2. Seller is Vetted by Legacy Hemp

3. Buyer confirms information from Seller which was provided to Legacy Hemp

4. Buyer Pays one-time-only fee (per seller) to Legacy Hemp

5. Legacy Hemp provides the buyer a generated PDF and the supporting documents to of the seller's information about the crop or hemp product they wish to sell

6. The Buyer and Seller opt to continue to do business. Legacy Hemp is here to connect hemp industry professionals together. 

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Click this link to BUY or SELL a Hemp harvested product including  Hemp Grain, CBD flower, Hemp Fibers, Hemp Hurd, and More.

Whether you are a farmer, a business person, work in the food industry, work in automotive, work in construction, or just about anywhere else, there is a hemp product for you to buy or sell. 

You can do it ALL just from this link BELOW!

Hastings, MN | Prescott, WI | Thompson, ND | Adding Locations Annually