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Ken Anderson - President


Ken Anderson is a pioneer in the rebirth of the American hemp industry. He was successful in legally importing hemp planting seed to enable Kentucky's first hemp crop in more than six decades. Ken was also the first legal import into the United States under 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill. In doing so he has paved the way for many others and has brought his knowledge of the legal importation process to multiple states.

Ken not only works with state agriculture departments, he also works with the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA) to bring seed standards to farmers and the industries they serve. And the forward thinking politicians who help bring hemp farming to their states and soon nationwide. Ken is working with all  agencies to bring the protection of intellectual property to all states who are becoming involved with hemp farming. Until hemp is covered by the U.S PVP, IP protection must be done at the state level.

Ken approaches the hemp seed industry and the obstacles at hand in the same way he built his own company’s need for hemp - with straight forward logical answers. This has allowed him to work with top notch industry giants like Graymont Lime and POET Bio Fuels and with great universities like the University of Kentucky and Purdue. His professional approach takes the “snicker factor” out of hemp to open the doors of mainstream markets. Ken is the founder of Legacy Hemp LLC which is the Nation’s first producer of AOSCA certified hemp planting see. Legacy Hemp is now the company that represents all of Anderson’s previous hemp interests including Original Green Distribution and Aagtec. Legacy Hemp LLC not only provides hemp planting seed to farmers, but now is providing the needed processing infrastructure to bring the farmers grain to market.


Bryan Parr - Agronomist


Bryan Parr comes to us with an extensive background in agriculture and a passion for Agronomy. Bryan grew up, and still lives on, his dad's 40-cow organic dairy farm near La Farge, WI. His fascination for crop farming came from helping his dad during planting and harvest seasons when he was a kid. After high school, Bryan first attended college at the Milwaukee School of Engineering before deciding on a career in agronomy, where he received his Bachelor's degree from UW-Platteville in 2009. 

After college, Bryan was hired as a Sales Agronomist for a co-op near Stratford, WI. During this time, Bryan was responsible for helping farmers develop fertility and pest management plans as well as seed selection and other crop management decisions. This work helped Bryan achieve his Certified Crop Advisory (CCA) license in 2011. After this, Bryan moved back to the La Farge area to work as the Feed Program Coordinator at Organic Valley where he was in charge of buying and selling organic grains throughout the United States.


After working six years for Organic Valley, Bryan left to become an Organic Crop Consultant for ProfitProAg. Here, he was tasked with helping farmers increase productivity through the use of more natural and biological farming methods. Bryan lead the company's efforts to help farmers develop cover cropping strategies and other crop management decisions. After two years, Bryan decided to work more closely with the regulatory side of the organic industry and landed a job as a Certification Specialist for Nature's International Certification Services.  During this time, Bryan was able to develop a firm understand of the regulatory standards that are required of organic farmers.


In addition to Bryan's professional career in agriculture, he also farms 100 acres of organic farmland where he grows organic corn, barley and cover crops. He hopes to add a few acres of industrial hemp to his rotation to gain a more thorough understanding of the agronomy of industrial hemp. Bryan looks forward to working with farmers throughout the Midwest to help them be successful in growing this exciting new crop.  


James Jean - Executive Assitant

James has made it his mission to work alongside President Ken Anderson, since before the founding of Legacy Hemp, to refine, direct, and facilitate his vision and mission to provide the infrastructure for the industrial hemp industry in America. James enjoys strategizing with Ken on many of the big ideas for the ongoing success of Legacy Hemp and the role it plays within the American hemp industry. 

James completed his two bachelor’s degrees in in Psychology and Neuroscience May, 2019 with plans to one day become a neurosurgeon, but in that endeavor, he holds his role in the hemp industry vitally necessary. He also handles many of the technical and administrative support roles within Legacy Hemp including the management of the website, customer relations, the integration and development of new technology, along with pushing new product development within the industry.

James's vision for the industrial hemp industry is ever-expanding and simply enjoys being part of making it all possible.

Contact him here: 

Cell 612-790-6574


Sandi Blessum - Logistics and Operations Manager


Sandi currently lives in eastern North Dakota with her husband and two children. While there, they like to spend most of their weekends racing dirt bikes or snowmobiles, depending on the season. Sandi, along with her husband, both own and operate a snowmobile racing circuit in North Dakota and Minnesota.

In addition to the skills obtained from managing and organizing racing events, Sandi brings many years of office work experience to Legacy Hemp. Sandi has worked as a customer service agent, security coordinator and IRA representative at an agricultural bank. After leaving the bank, she then became the office manager of a larger farm in eastern North Dakota. During this time, she helped plan, direct and oversee the daily operations of the farm. Having these experiences has allowed her to gain a more in-depth working knowledge of farming.

Sandi has been involved with Legacy Hemp since the very beginning. She even assisted the farmer that grew the first AOSCA certified hemp seed for Legacy Hemp. During this time, she helped plant, clean, store, harvest and keep records of the crop. Furthermore, Sandi has also delivered seed, scouted fields and worked with many State agriculture departments to ensure compliance with each state’s hemp regulations.

Sandi’s main responsibilities with Legacy Hemp include: procurement of hemp grain, seed sales, auditing, logistics of seed and grain shipments, company-wide compliance, document management and organic certification oversight.

Having grown up in an agricultural community her whole life, and having the work experiences that she’s had, Sandi knows the struggles farmers face and is determined to provide the customer service farmers desire. Sandi is excited to bring industrial hemp to the farmers she works with and intends to help each of them become successful in growing this new crop.

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