Did your hemp field look like this?

This crop was shoulder high by the 4th of July! Whether your crop was looking like this or not, we want to know the details so we can continue to share this information with growers across the United States. Please be as accurate as possible, thank you.

Hemp Farmer Success Tracking (Post-Harvest)

Calling all hemp farmers! In order to keep the legacy of industrial hemp kicking strong we need your help to collect data related your success as well as some of the struggles you may have faced over the course of your growing season. Please click the link below to fill out this survey so we can share vital information to help you and fellow farmers prosper.

We know your time is valuable. So please note that the 5 minutes it take to fill out this information will save you and fellow farmers so much more in the upcoming seasons. Also, if you know of any other successful hemp farmers, send them here!

Thank you.