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Legacy Hemp leads the resurgence of industrial hemp with its commitment to top tier quality products and hand picked partners

Calling All Farmers Interested in Growing Industrial Hemp!

Legacy Hemp will be accepting applications to partner with farmers to grow industrial hemp. We are working to establish receiving centers for hemp grain, but if you are a farmer with the ability to dry and store your own grain, we especially urge you to apply. Don't miss out on an opportunity to be a part of the new legacy of industrial hemp. 

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Industrial Hemp Grain Production

We are your domestically United States sourced supplier of AOSCA certified hemp seed, education, and hemp grain products. Organic, conventional, food-grade or otherwise. 

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Industrial hemp is more than agriculture.

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A Superb Plant for Superior Products.

Industrial hemp’s variety and usefulness as a sustainable resource is a green addition to and a superior alternative to thousands of current market products. 

Legacy Hemp, LLC had been a forerunner in the American industrial hemp industry since the resurgence of a newly re-legalized, historical crop. Our affiliates have been playing key roles  across multiple industries to push legislation in favor of industrial hemp once again. Even before the passing of the 2014 Federal Farm bill, which began the process of lifting the ban on industrial hemp, our team has understood the potential for hemp with so many uses. Legacy Hemp founder, Ken Anderson, has seen the potential first hand in utilizing hemp based products to produce affordable, building material, food products, and as alternatives to a variety of other non-renewable products. Ken has since worked tirelessly to provide these miraculous benefits back to the consumers of the United States and across the world. The industrial hemp industry is here to stay in America. Legacy Hemp grows the legacy of industrial hemp. 

Industrial hemp has the capacity to be used in in a wide array of industries ranging from food products and medicine to textiles, electronics, and construction material and more. With the sweet nutty flavor of X-59 (hempnut), industrial hemp grain has risen far above affiliation to its cannabis cousin to become a true super food. With large potential to use materials derived from hemp to be used in many markets, Legacy Hemp secures it stand in praising industrial hemp for the benefits of mankind by starting to pick the low hanging fruits, the grains, which keep us so very healthy. With consistently increasing amounts of research and development going into the industrial hemp industry, more and more uses for the fiber of hemp plant are revealed as well. Legacy Hemp, LLC leads the new American hemp industry into success, by not only considering domestic success and tranquility, but by also contributing to global aspirations by providing an avenue for green and sustainable resources for generations to come. 

Legacy Hemp stands to show that hemp grain alone is profitable. Much like other crops, the industrial hemp plant produces edible grains which farmers can grow and sell organically or conventionally to produce many derived food and non-food products. However, hemp grain is no mere cereal grain, it is a super-food because of its near ideal ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well as boasting a superb protein content. Legacy Hemp’s hemp cultivar X-59 can be grown organically without the need of pesticides or herbicides to provide hearty and Earth friendly food to animals and humankind alike. Legacy hemp partners with numerous food suppliers to provide the sweet and nutty flavor of X-59, hempnut, hemp grain around the worl


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