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Although food-grade grain is a large part of what we do, it is only a small portion. Ask about all of our hemp seed, hemp grain, and hemp fiber products!

We are here to build the American infrastructure via our push for legislation changes, market development, education for farmers, dealer networks, partnering with industry leaders, and providing a platform in which all hemp industry professionals, from farmers to scientists, can come together and prosper!



Want to Work with Hemp?

Whether you are a company looking to use hemp in your products or are a farmer interested in growing hemp, we are here to establish a relationship in which we all prosper.

We are always eager to expand our product basis, we trust you'll find hempnut more than satisfying for your products. X-59's superior genetics including large grain size, superb shatter resistance, and nutritiously dense composition of protein and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids makes it a true and delicious superfood.

Legacy Hemp only partners with farmers who are willing to contract for the next growing season. Keep in mind that certified organic grain differs from other grain. It could take up to three years to get a field ready for certified seed. Know which grain best suits your product's need.


If your company is interested in incorporating X-59 hemp grain into your products, drop us a line. We have the acreage and the boots on the ground to get you as much  grain as you need. 


The Hemp Industry is Growing

Industrial hemp is making its comeback after decades of legal suppression. The versatility of hemp is highly regarded, but even now, its only in its seedling stage. The grain is top tier as it is, but with future processing applications the hemp plant offers far more than food, rope, and cosmetics. 

You can be sure that those of us at Legacy Hemp are hard at work to develop advancements in hemp processing! With these developments great potential and opportunity can be expected from us and all those in  the hemp industry. 

There is a large untapped learning curve for hemp applications. For this reason, we ask to establish production contracts up front. We know we have something big here, but we need to give it room to grow. 

Choose hemp!


Start Small. Get Big.

The industrial hemp industry is at its forefront, so in getting in now you will be far ahead of the game. This game take takes time to set up, so know your state's regulations regarding  farming industrial hemp, its processing, distribution, and sale as it differs from its intoxicating cousin

If you already have well established products, but wish to add hemp, we trust you'll find the sweet nutty flavor of X-59 hempnut grain will tickle your taste-buds. Give us a try; you just may be surprised. 

When you are ready, contact us so we can set up the contract and get your hemp ready for the next growing season.

Thank you for choosing Legacy Hemp!

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