Our Legacy


Who we are.

Legacy Hemp is the only U.S. retailer of  industrial hemp cultivar X-59 (a.k.a. hempnut). We provide your company with what we believe to be the most flavorful, diverse, and hearty variety of hemp grain on the market. Cultivated, processed, and sold in America, X-59 truly holds with it superior quality, a staple of American hemp's legacy. 

Known for its nutritiously dense and sweet nutty flavor, X-59 is highly sought after in the organic, whole, and healthy foods industry. Here at Legacy Hemp, we pride ourselves in producing superior quality hemp grain for use in a variety of products. For instance, our friends at Nutiva sell X-59 as a superfood rich in omega fatty acids and high in protein content. Our grain is hand selected with your products in mind. We concentrate on quality, from the soil the hemp is grown in, all the way to your palate.

Our farmers grow either the grain to be used in various products or the certified seed which is distributed to farmers around the world. As the window of opportunity ever increases with hemp, you can expect Legacy Hemp to be behind the scenes. 

Our Mission.

Legacy hemp holds a commitment in reviving the American industrial hemp industry which was lost nearly half a century ago. Working towards an entirely domestic operation, we are fervent in providing our American farmers with prosperity and security in growing hemp once again. 

Being domestically produced we are proud to support our American hemp heritage and will tirelessly work to keep the good name of hemp and its products alive and well.

Where we have been.

Legacy hemp has been a front runner in the resurgence of the industrial hemp industry since 2014. The Federal Farm Bill of 2014 allowed universities and state departments of agriculture to grow and research industrial hemp. Our affiliates were the first to legally import industrial hemp into the United States following this legislation and have been educating farmers, developing products, and creating connections ever since.  Our partners extend across the globe with Canada being our neighbor just across our Minnesotan boarder.

Legacy hemp and its affiliates have worked with multiple state departments of agriculture as well as research universities to set up industrial hemp testing. Some of these institutions include Purdue University and the State Department of Agriculture in Minnesota and Kentucky. 

Right now, the United States hemp market is established and we have tens of thousands of acres of tillable hemp land in Minnesota, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. In 2016, our affiliates planted the first legal seed in Minnesota in over half a century.  As more and more states climb aboard with shifts in legislation, you can expect Legacy Hemp to extend our roots as well. 

What we do.

Quality. Quality. Quality. 

We partner with companies and famers with production contracts who are willing to tackle the opportunity that is an entirely renewed hemp industry. Its a lot of work, but our strife towards excellence is what keeps our havests hearty and fruitful. We contract land to plant seed and  will buy the grain back to distribute to our customers. 

We only work with dedicated partners to ensure that our grain is being sold to companies upholding the integrity of the nutritiously dense X-59 as well as setting high standards in the hemp industry. 

With a commitment to this excellence we ensure that each of our famers have contracts to sell before planting the seeds in the ground. Each harvest of seed or grain has a set destination as to where it will go. This protects all affiliates, keeping the industry alive and well for years to come. 

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